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Getting a Parking Decal It is a difficult task to control who uses parking lots and parking areas. It is recommendable for apartments, schools, shopping centres and offices to use parking markers in their parking places. The use of parking stickers and parking hang tags can make the work easier since you can be able to identify the vehicles of those individual you have allowed to use the parking spaces. Both are an important piece of the overall parking security and control. Parking signs come in different sizes, shapes, color, and numbers. This article illustrates some of the guidelines to observe when making a parking decal. Identify the type of sign you want to use in your parking lot. Is it a provisional or a long term card? Is the license transferable from one car to another? If you are looking for a temporary permit, then the best choice would be to use the hang tags. If you wish to remove the temporary stickers you can use alcohol or nail polish on a cotton cloth and rub against the decal. Identify the type of material to use on the card once you have identified the type of parking permit you want. Decals made of Clear Mylar can make a window style permit while the average sticker made from White Vinyl can make the window style license.
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The decal used on the tickets makes it easy to remove and replace anytime. Security is a guarantee once you use the destructible material for your parking stickers and it is not easily transferable from one motor vehicle to another. Style is another factor that you should consider on the parking tickets you want. Standard, Jumbo, and custom are some of the many forms which you can use on the stickers.
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Customization of tickets is present on the regular parking markers. Color, logo and shape differentiate the personalized hang tags. You might want to consider customizing your parking permits with bright and bold colors since they will help you in differentiating parking permits from other parkers and they are easily visible. It is very difficult to make copies of these standard parking signs. For your parking ticket to be counterfeit deterrent, it is important that you make a logo on it. Ensure you include an expiry date on the signs for you parkers to know the duration of time their cars should be in your area. In addition to adding expiry date on the tickets, be sure to add a number that will enable you to know who received that particular permit. In conclusion, do not forget to add your parking lot rules and regulation, the parking hours showing when the guests can use the parking area and include a lost/ found information at the back of the permit.