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Countryside Orthopaedics Welcomes Shoulder and Elbow Expert


(Leesburg, VA) According to AAOS (American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons), there has been a five-fold increase in the total number of serious elbow and shoulder injuries for youth softball and baseball players since 2000. The majority of these injuries involve damage to the tendons, ligaments, and muscles, rather than the bones in the shoulder.

In an effort to provide better treatment options to those injured, Countryside Orthopaedics has recently welcomed a new board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in shoulder arthroplasty surgery and elbow surgery and reconstruction to their team. Dr. Adam J. Lorenzetti provides shoulder and elbow reconstruction and well as other treatments for those suffering injuries.

“We are excited to have Dr. Lorenzetti as part of our team,” stated Raymond Lower. “Our team has a reputation for providing surgical and medical musculoskeletal care, and with the addition of Dr. Lorenzetti to our team, we are able to offer even more specialized treatments.”

Shoulder and elbow problems can develop slowly in athletes who are involved with intense activity or training. They are most commonly seen in baseball catchers and pitchers, but they are also seen with athletes who are involved with any type of overhead sport, such as track and field events, swimming, volleyball, and softball.

“Dr. Lorenzetti brings unique expertise in both elbow and shoulder surgeries that are going to be extremely beneficial for our patients,” continued Lower. “He has several publications, research, and presentations and specializes in elbow surgery and reconstruction, as well as shoulder arthroplasty surgery.”

With the addition of a new doctor, Countryside Orthopaedics is more equipped than ever before to handle serious elbow and shoulder injuries that people of all ages suffer. Regardless of whether your injury is sport related or is a result of some other type of injury, Countryside Orthopaedics can help you with the treatment options that can be found by visiting the website.


Since 1991, Countryside Orthopaedics has been serving the Northern Virginia community. This clinic has a reputation for specialized surgical and medical musculoskeletal care, which includes the treatment of injuries, deformities and diseases of the skeletal system, as well as its muscles, tendons, joints and all other associated structures. The practice is composed of several board certified and fellowship trained surgeons to ensure that patients have access to a wide array of expertise in the operative and conservative care of patients from all age groups, from geriatrics to pediatrics.

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A Simple Plan For Investigating Wellness

Beauty Tips for Girls to Boost Your Natural Beauty

Never underestimate the way you look to others! Since we all possess eyes it’s reasonable to say that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, thus the significance of this first impression. In this article, which focuses on beauty tips for women, you may discover how you can learn how to be beautiful by following some of the tips shared in this discussion.

Your Make-up

Similar to a detailed discussion on the amount of cologne you wear, make-up that is also much can make you seem worse than none whatsoever. So bear in mind the moderation rule. Use enough make-up to help you look attractive, but do not overdo it and have excess amounts. Possessing the balance is indispensable. When applying your make-up you want to achieve an attractive look. Otherwise you run the risk of appearing cheap. This is not something we’d advocate in our beauty tips.

Watching Everything You Eat

Eating the Proper foods will help you look good and feel great as well. It is important to eat a healthful diet that is balanced if you would like to look healthy to people around you. Make certain that your diet contains the appropriate vitamins and nutrient necessary to encourage a wholesome eating regime, which will be revealed in how your body feels and looks. Also don’t forget the importance of drinking enough water.

Value of Exercise

Without proper exercise, all of us tend to put on some additional weight. Being overweight and obese is not going to attract very many people and allow them to get to know you better. Generally look more appealing and are going to get more attention than others particularly those who are fat and out of shape from eating junk foods and not exercising. Being in good shape is not only more healthy and enables you to look better, but in addition, it makes you feel good about yourself. For many readers, this may be one of the greatest beauty advice in this article.


A lack of self-confidence or confidence is extremely important. Have you seen women that might not be the most beautiful be the most popular? It is because they are confident and this feeling is picked up by other people also. Having lots of self-confidence means that you feel good about yourself and will not let others bully you down you, or do anything that will make you feel bad about who you are or what you may look like. People have a tendency to attract and are like a magnet.

With all that has been said, learning isn’t something that you can master over night or in a day or two but is rather better than opting for a vertical facelift. It’s an ongoing job that is self-improvement and depending on where you’re in the process will determine how long it may take you.

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What You Need to Know About Pregnancy Ultra Sound

Ultra sound is a process whereby ultrasonic waves are used mostly for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes by getting images on internal organs and generation of localized heat to the body tissues. Furthermore, ultrasound can be used to monitor the fetus during pregnancy. Pregnancy ultra sound is the procedure of getting an image of the embryo through measuring vibrations returned since the device used emits high-frequency sound waves.

A sound, also referred to as a sonogram, is invited to pregnant women to track the developing fetus as well the woman’s reproductive organs. The amount of occasions to carry out a sonogram changes from one pregnancy to another. One of the reasons to get a pregnancy ultra sound is to display for any complications that could be arising so that they could possibly be cared for. There are various sorts of ultra sound ranging from the conventional to more advanced ones like 3-D ultra sound and 4-D ultrasound.

Why a Pregnancy Ultra Sound?

Sonograms are carried out during the different trimesters of pregnancy for various reasons but are also discouraged if there is no medical benefit. But if from the previous blood test, a problem was detected, your doctor can order for more ultra sounds. Some parents, out of curiosity use ultra sound to find out the gender of the baby before birth.

During the first trimester, ultrasounds are done to confirm pregnancy, check the fetal heartbeat and to diagnose miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Additionally, they are used to determine the gestation age of the fetus and predict its due date and check for the possibility of multiple pregnancies.

During the second and third trimesters which starts from twelve months to birth, ultrasounds are utilized to track the development of the fetus and its own position, determine the sex of the infant, track the levels of amniotic fluid and also the period of the cervix as well as to detect some originating abnormalities.

Different Types of Ultra Sound

Transabdominal ultra sound

This is the most common with pregnancies and a complete bladder is recommended since sound waves travel faster in liquid. You lay down for around twenty minutes on your back as your provider applies a thin coating of gel onto your stomach to help sound waves to move easily as you attempt to get the picture.

Transvaginal ultrasound

The difference of a transvaginal sonogram in the previous one is that the supplier moves a transducer into the birth canal as you lie on your back.

There are also sonograms carried out on special cases as explained below.

3-D ultra sound

3 -D ultra sound involves taking a million pictures simultaneously taking a 3-D image that’s clearer almost like a picture. It is used to ensure normal growth of the baby and sometimes for to find out of any issues with the uterus.

4-D ultra sound

4 -D ultra sound has no much difference with the 3-D ultrasound but its advanced as it shows the baby’s movements in a video.

Fetal echocardiography

A fetal echocardiography is carried out if your doctor detects some heart defects in your baby. It takes some time as compared to the standard ultra sounds. It’s capable of catching the heart constructions of the baby and helps analyze the hearts’ functioning thus diagnosing any heart issues.

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What to Do When You’re a Canadian Seeking Better Health Care?

When talking about social healthcare, there’s one misconception and it’s that people don’t have options which isn’t true at all. Canada is famous for their incredibly efficient and beneficial healthcare system, it’s even considered as the best in the world, but what people from other countries don’t know is that there are still healthcare services not covered in the system; those that need such services will need a small fortune just to pay for everything. Since you’re not limited to the Canadian Pharmacies where medicine and medical items can be purchased, below are some tips that you can try to become a bit more cost-effective:

1. Add Wearable Technology in Your Active Lifestyle

Doctors and nurses simply can’t be present in every place where people need them. Unless you go in to have a checkup or get treatment for any infections, you won’t really meet up with doctors or nurses, so what can you do in between the visits? People who can afford numerous random checkups don’t need to worry about this, but for those under the rationed visits implemented by Canadian healthcare, the question needs consideration. Regardless if you have chronic conditions that need regular monitoring or just want to keep a close eye on your glucose level or heart rate, there are actually various wearable technology that allows you to play an active role when it comes to your own healthcare.

2. Pick Out Among Canadian Pharmacies Wisely

A lot of people are simply frustrated with their local pharmacies. You might not believe the sheer number of times people were give a handful of medicine that should never be used together. Well, you can’t blame the trust that people give to pharmacists, who knows medication better than them? People in search for a new pharmacy, one that they can really trust, can find online Canadian pharmacies; you can freely ask any medicine related questions.

3. Ask Around of Alternative Treatments

Believe it or not, but there are times when medical and pharmaceutical prescriptions are not the most effective solution. Before you go forth with the medications that they prescribed you and suffer the side effects that comes with it, search for possible alternative treatments. When it comes to alternative medical treatments, acupuncture would be one of the most famous while visiting a chiropractor specialises in joint pains.

4. Available Healthcare Abroad

Canadians actually travel a bit south to the United States just for the healthcare offered there; healthcare in the United States is different from that of Canada, in the US the doctors are not trying to meet any quotas in terms of the number of patients they need to see so they aren’t in any hurry. Doctors are not dictated as to what and how many they can treat since they’re not under government payroll.

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Understanding the Challenges that Women Face in Rehabilitation and Knowing their Special Needs

When it comes to treatment for any sort of substance abuse or addiction, gender differences always come into play. So as their treatments be tailored to address the particular situation, we must know that the patient’s needs are unique. There are special needs for women that are not fully treated by just admitting yourself in an inpatient rehab. To be honest, an inpatient rehab usually works for men, but not all the time for women. It is best to understand everything that the women need, their special needs, and to understand their challenges inside an inpatient rehab to make sure that the treatment becomes successful and effective.

Most experts believed that context is important when providing treatment for women suffering from a substance abuse or drug addiction. The approach to their cases must be in the perspective of a woman. When we say in the perspective of a woman, we are talking about the family involved which matters most to a woman. Admitting a woman patient to an inpatient rehab will be effective if the medical specialists who will attend to the patient will include all her relationships in the treatment, including her family, extended family, support systems, social and economic environment, and the impact of gender and culture. As a matter of fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA recognized that the specific needs of women must be addressed first before any treatment in an inpatient rehab can start.

It is important that the core principles of gender-responsive treatment must be applied at all times. The recognition of the role and significance of personal relationships in women’s lives must be done accordingly. The acknowledging of the importance of this role into socioeconomic issues and differences must be included as well. A trauma-informed perspective must be adopted. And the multidisciplinary and integrated approach treatment for women must be incorporated.

It must be determined the many factors of substance abuse as this will be distinguishing the particular treatment tailored for recovery. You have to remember that stress, negative affect and relationships have a greater bearing in the initiation of substance abuse or addiction although genetics may be a significant factor to use substance and drugs. The patterns for substance abuse must be determined. We can’t deny the fact that women’s treatment challenges are increasing in number across the globe. Most women will not seek help due to the stigma of substance abuse, there could be a fear of loss of child custody, few resources especially those with children, there is no cultural congruent programming, limited options for pregnant women, and lack of collaboration among social service systems.

By understanding all the special needs of women when seeking help or rehabilitation, we are helping them not just in treatment or recovery but in getting them back to stand up on their feet.

The Path To Finding Better Tips

Some Tips To Be Healthy

You better think again if you believe that being physically fit is the standard of health. Well the truth is, being emotionally and mentally fit is the true state of health. There are actually several things that you have to know on how to be healthy if you like to be a healthy and well rounded individual. Following are essential tips that can help you to achieve just that.

Tip number 1. Maintain an exercise routine – you don’t actually have to force yourself in doing intense workout routines at the gym. You might stick to doing floor workouts or keep yourself moving by finishing household chores. You’re working out your body which is the most important here. Preferably, you have to give your body 30 minutes per day to workout and do this for 3 to 5 times a week.

Tip number 2. Incorporate a healthy diet – in order to stay health, you have to keep on eating healthy foods. You should consider adding veggies and fruits to your diet and less of unhealthy fats as well as carbohydrates for this to work. Avoid eating sweets as well as junk foods, skipping meals and so on as this only heighten your cravings.

Remember that you should burn more than what you’re putting in your body in order to lose weight and stay fit. You have to move more if you are eating more. By doing this, it is going to make you healthy and maintain a fit body as well.

Tip number 3. Engage in things that you’re passionate about – every now and then, do something that will keep the stress and demands of life from getting over you. Take a quick break by doing something you love like drawing pictures, reading novels, watching some episodes of your favorite TV show, cook, bake, play instruments and so forth. Do whatever it is that makes your spare time productive and more enjoyable. The true secret on how to get healthy is by giving yourself some time to relax, unwind and boost your self confidence.

Tip number 4. Surround yourself with positivity – now, in an effort to have a sound emotional and mental state of health, it is going to be crucial to surround yourself w/ positivity. Yes it is true that you’ll have problems in your life but this doesn’t mean that you will not be able to pass them all without having an optimistic view.

If you want to know how to stay healthy, then it will be recommended for you to follow the tips above. Remember, never disregard exercises, healthy eating etc. as these all contribute to achieving your goals.

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Dentists

The Benefits of Taking Kids to the Dentist

If you have children, you might know that taking care of their health is something that you must be sure to do, as health is a very important aspect of their lives, something you should consider as your duty. One might also know that health has a lot of different aspects involved in it, one of which is oral health, health which is related to the teeth and gums of an individual. Every parent, then, might know that because oral health is a huge part of general health, he or she should take the kids to see a dentist on a regular basis in order to get a checkup, to get some kind of treatment for an oral problem, and so on. Taking your children to a pediatric dentist, then, is definitely something which you, as a parent, should do, as it is something which will provide you and your children with a lot of wonderful benefits and advantages to enjoy, both today and in the long run.

When one takes the kids to a dentist regularly, he or she will be able to benefit, first of all, because it will be possible to have small problems diagnosed early. If you know about oral problems, you might know that many of them start very small, but that they can grow unnoticed as time goes on, until the present themselves in the future as something huge, painful, even dangerous to your child. One should be sure, then, to take his or her children to the dentist on a regular basis in order to avoid these big problems in the future.

One should also take his or her children to a dentist because through taking this step, he or she can be sure that the kids will grow up to enjoy a beautiful set of teeth. One might know that dentists can do a lot of things for the teeth of his or her child – some of these things include installing braces which will lead to a straighter set of teeth, filling in cavities, fixing teeth which have been chipped or broken, and so on. Children, then, can grow up into adulthood with a set of teeth which is well-maintained and attractive, which is certainly a great benefit to them.

One who takes his or her kids to the dentist regularly will also be able to benefit because the best health can be enjoyed by these kids. This is because dentists can give the best advice on how to care for teeth, as well as provide treatments like cleaning and eliminating cavities.

When all has been said, then, people will definitely be able to enjoy a lot of wonderful benefits when they decide to take their children to a reputable dentist on a regular basis.

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6 Facts About Options Everyone Thinks Are True

Wonderful Reasons As to Why You Should Study Abroad

In this present day and age, there are basically a huge influx of students who are nowadays studying abroad. One of the main reasons as to why it is best to study abroad is because there is basically a wide range of support and facilities to their students in school that can only be find abroad. But that is not all since most colleges abroad are known to charge lesser tuition fees as well, unlike what most local colleges in the US do. And probably the best factor about studying abroad is that you will have the best opportunity to immerse your own self into different cultures and have the chance to meet new friends as well, and you can also be endowed into experiencing unique and once in a lifetime experience that would not have happen if you studied in your local college. So if you are one of the aspiring people who are taking into consideration the form of studying abroad, this article will showcase amazing reasons as to why you should consider studying abroad for your degree.

The very first amazing reason as to why studying abroad is highly appealing is that you can learn other skills and knowledge that your degree program is currently offering to you. Like for example, you will be able to learn different languages that are locally used depending on where you chose to take your degree. In this present day, being a multi-lingual college graduate would grant you a wide range of benefits that you will surely need.

Next excellent thing about studying abroad is that you will have the privilege to see more of the world. There are basically a lot of individual all over the planet who would want to see much of the world as possible, especially people who are young adults. Which is why by studying abroad, you are not only privilege to learn and study your preferable college program but you can also explore and experience various cultures in different countries as well.

Another excellent reason why studying abroad is the best is that you should be able to upgrade and improve your career prospects. The best example to this is that if you enrolled on a doctor of medicine program at a Caribbean medical school, you will not only be gaining a huge boost in experience working in their healthcare program but you will also be able to establish a network of professional contacts as well, which can significantly lead you to getting offered for a permanent job as a doctor in the Caribbean once you have graduated. This is mostly because of the fact that while studying abroad you can learn the local language and their culture which can improve your career prospects as well, and you can ideally end up getting a permanent job abroad as well.

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How to Make Career Decisions

When learning, you will find that eventually, you do end up graduating, which will mean that it will be opportunity for you to decide which career path you will get to undertake, this will establish that you can end up knowing everything that would run to your advantage, nonetheless, you will find that you can have a better means through which you will be alleviated, meaning that you do get to be assuaged.

If you are in the medical field, you can find that there will be lots of paths which you can undertake, all of these will ascertain that you end up doing something that you would like and something which can work to your advantage, thus getting to be alleviated and also getting to know of everything which would establish that you will be assuaged.

A good example of something which you can do is by getting to look for an internship, it will establish that you can end up being a better professional, which will mean that eventually, you will be able to treat patients by yourself without having to undergo lots of processes, likewise, you will get to become sure about everything that you get to do, which will mean that in no time, you will be alleviated, and also you do attain some knowledge.

More so, you can as well get to consider something which will work as you would like, which will mean that you can end up being alleviated and also that you do know of everything which will establish that you are assuaged.

Furthermore, you can get to brand out, you will find that in the medical career, there are lots of things which you can eventually get to do, you can also choose to continue with your studies, which will establish that you can attain everything that you would need and also that you can end up having a better means through which you will get to be of more help to many people within your profession.

Before you have made your decision, it is advisable to think it through, at times, you can even get to use the internet to know what it is that you might get to encounter, this will establish that you can end up being alleviated and also that you can end up attaining all that you would need, meaning that you will be assuaged and also that you do gain a better advantage in everything which you get to do.

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Facts on Painkillers and Their Side Effects

Today, many people use painkillers even without a doctor’s prescription. Painkillers are available in many outlets, and there are no restrictions in purchasing them, and that is why it is easy for someone to take the drugs even to relief the mildest pain. Many people are not aware that it is dangerous to take painkillers without a medical prescription and there are side effects associated with an improper dosage of the drug. Some strong painkillers have addictive side effects, and they might also cause some complications to the body. Do not just take painkillers because it is the easiest way of dealing with pains and you need to make some considerations and have some information about these drugs.

Painkillers exist in many types, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are one of them. NSAIDs has different brands which are available for retail such as Advil, Celebrex, Motrin and Voltaren which have been proved to be suitable for treating pains, inflammations, and fever. People only view the advantages of using the drugs for pain relief, and they do not focus on the side effects. Studies have shown that the drugs increase the chances of a person to suffer from a heart attack in the long run. Diclofenac has been adversely mentioned in the study followed by ibuprofen. The availability of the painkillers over the counter makes them easily accessible to anyone without any restrictions of use. The use of NSAIDs leads to high production of platelets which might clog the arteries and prevent the free circulation of blood to other body parts and organs. Further, these drugs are acidic thus in the long term; they lead to corrosion of stomach lining and gastric inflammation which might cause stomach ulcers.

The opioid is another group of painkillers that you must give a lot of focus, and it includes morphine, tramadol, Vicodin, and oxycodone. This category of painkillers is powerful, and in most cases, they are used to treat chronic pain conditions such as back ache. They are quite useful although they have considerable health risks. They work by affecting a section of the brain which coordinates emotions and feelings. Therefore, you will not feel any pain because the emotion receptors in the brain are temporarily not functioning. Patients who have been on these drugs do not respond to other mild painkillers, and in the absence of opioids, the patients would experience excruciating pain.

It might be difficult to realize that you have a drug addiction from a painkiller but whenever you notice that you do not respond to other mild painkillers, you need to seek assistance immediately. As a precaution, do take powerful painkillers frequently. Opt for physiotherapy and body stretching as an alternative to pain relief. Do not exceed the prescribed dosage of painkillers.

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