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The Best Remedy and Treatment Procedure for Warts A wart is a health conditions of skin growths that are described as small, rough and hard bumps that are quite similar in terms of color to the skin of the infected patient, and the warts can be found in the different parts of the body, but they commonly occur in the feet and hands. Warts are recognized as infections that are caused by a virus called as the human papillomavirus or the HPV, but, they are the type of infections that are not cancerous. The common factors that can increase the risk of the humans to acquire the human papillomavirus infections include eczema, having sex with people who are infected with the virus, using the showers that are open for the public people, working with meat products, and having a low immune system. The various types of warts are called as the plantar wart or the verruca plantaris, which is commonly found on the soles of the feet; the periungual wart which occurs around the nails; the mosaic wart which are commonly found on the soles of the feet and hand; the flat wart or the verruca plana, which are commonly found on the neck, hand, wrists, knees and face; the genital wart or the verruca acuminata, which is commonly found on the genitals; the digitate or filiform wart, which is commonly found near the lips and eyelids; and the common wart or the verruca vulgaris, which commonly occurs on the hands. There are a lot of ways that can be done by the people in order to prevent the occurrence of warts or to keep them from spreading to some other parts of the body, such as covering the warts with the use of bandage, always keeping your hands and feet dry, wear shoes or protective covering for your feet when you are using a communal bathing facility or locker room, washing your hands regularly, and don’t pick your warts. A wart may spread or infect other parts of the body of the patient, can infect other people, can be very embarrassing to have, can be easily irritated, or can be painful to the patient, which is why the people who have warts aims to have it treated and removed immediately, and that is through the use of medical procedures and topical medications or drugs. The basic goal of the people for the removal and for the treatment of their warts is to prevent the formation of scar tissues, which is recognized as more painful than the warts, and the treatment procedure may depend on the location of the warts, the symptoms felt by the patient, and the specific type of their warts. The various remedies and treatment procedure of warts are medications, like topical ointments and creams that contains salicylic acid, and injectable drug medication; and medical or surgical procedures, like duct tape occlusion therapy, keratolysis, cryotherapy or cryosurgery, electrodessication, infrared coagulator, surgical curettage of the wart, and laser treatment. The people who wants to learn more about these home remedies and treatment procedures of warts can find some fact and information about such scope through the use of the internet, or through the advised of professional doctors who specializes in wart treatments.

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